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"Ad-Infinium" OCR Rally

Story by Glenn Billings
Photos by Larry Moore



Sunday, June 30, 2019


The dictionary definition of “Ad-Infinium,” and I`m paraphrasing, is a sequence of things that never have an end. It`s the same as ad-infinitum, but with the letter “T” added. And T`s are what you got in abundance on the rally route through northern Orange County. Twenty-three of them!  These were “noted” instructions not mentioned in the route instructions. You follow the public road until you come to a T, then exercise the noted instructions. However, the route instructions take precedent over the noted instructions and may sound complicated, but it’s not.

Despite questions being answered at the Driver’s meeting, and odometers set back to zero; the best possible weather greeted our enthusiastic group of rally adventurers. The June-gloom that hung around for most of June’s thirty days disappeared on the last day of the month. The day had terrific blue, breezy skies, with comfortable temperatures in the high seventies.

In pretrial runs, “Rallymeister” Larry Moore, thinking the event was too tough, softened some of the questions, photos and minutia in order to keep everyone on course. In the end, Larry was surprised by the groups’ knowledge, insight and judgment. Out of a possible 76 points, the top 5 finishers all scored over 70!

The 9:15 a.m. start, at 30 second intervals, began at the 17th street and Tustin Avenue Mall. Staying away from Freeways, we rallied around industrial and residential areas keeping a lookout for the 12 photos that were taped to your dash board. For example, on 1st street, if you have the green light to turn left onto Lyon, you might miss the Motel 6 WIFI sign on your right. From there, some major streets like El Camino and Redhill looped you around the Tustin villages, then up to the hilly sections of northeast Anaheim before heading south to Orange Olive. Crossing Lincoln Ave. near Eisenhower Park, you wind your way back to Santa Ana and being on 17th street, you turn right and you end your hour and fifty minute, 38 mile journey at Black Angus; a last minute change due to a Hot Rod club’s overtaking of the parking lot at the 17th street Grill. With all the answers turned in for a perfect score, you would have encountered 6 bridges, 4 cul-de-sacs, crossed over 12 railroad tracks and Newport Ave 4 times. Of the 12 photos, 5 were false, so if you marked “no” on the fake picture you got points. And of course, remember the “T’s.” 19 of the “T’s” were right turns and lefts were only made by the note’s instruction. Enough to “T” any one off!

Mark your calendar NOW for November 3rd which will be the final rally of 2019 titled, “The Presidential Rally,” and join your OCR club members. There are a lot of Presidents’ names on streets all around northern Orange and in the Anaheim Hills area. The Rally will start and end at the Phoenix Club just north of the Honda Center. See you there!


                      Top 5 Results


Julie Hustings Marsha Kane Cayman S 74
2nd Mark Johnson Karen and Mark Cayenne 73
3rd Robert DeBach Debra DeBach Boxster S 72
4th Laura Bluhm Paul Freedman Cayenne 72
5th Glenn Billings Carl Kriesant Boxster S 71



This story and photos can be found in the September 2019 Pando on pages 16-17

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