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Back-To-Back in the Motor City

Story and Photos by Bob Weber



I love the challenge, keen competition and camaraderie of national Concours d’ Elegance events starting with the many Porsche Parades that we have successfully participated in over the last 20 years. Within the United States, there are 3 internationally known world class Concours d’ Elegance events. The Amelia Island Concours held in March on Amelia Island, in Northern Florida. Pebble Beach Concours held in August in Monterey. And, the Concours of America at St. John’s (formerly known as The Meadowbrook) held in late July in Plymouth Michigan, just outside of Detroit.


The Concours of America at St John’s is now in its 40th continuous year of operation rivaling Pebble Beach Concours for longevity. At the 2013 Traverse City, Michigan Porsche Parade, we were invited by the Concours of America organizer, Brian Joseph, to show our Peter Gregg’s 1977 Brumos Porsche 934.5 Trans Am Championship winner at their upcoming event. The Brumos 934.5 was entered in the Early 911 Class 1964-1978 celebrating 50 years of the 911. We won the Lions Award and finished 2nd in class.


Our second invitation to the 2018 40th Annual Concours of America St John came from Brian Joseph at the 2017 Amelia Island Concours where he had just won Best of Show with a restored Duesenberg, which is his business in Troy Michigan. The invitation came right after we won Best of Class Brumos Racing cars at the same Amelia Concours. Brian was building a “Porsche Race Car class” to celebrate the 70th year of Porsche AG for his 2018 Concours of America. David, my nephew and I accepted. But we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.


The Brumos Porsche 934.5 was honored to be the chosen Porsche race car featured at the Saturday morning July 28 Porsche Drivers seminar in the Grand Ballroom of the Inn at St John. Hurley Haywood, Brian Redman and Vic Elford told stories for 2 hours of their racing successes that captivated the audience.


However, Brian Joseph had outdone himself for the Sunday Concours. The Porsche Race Car class was the most ferocious competition I have ever been up against. Seventeen (17) beautifully restored and significant Porsche Race cars met us on the Concours field this past Sunday, July 29th. The pictures in this article tell the story. Porsche Race cars from Ron Thomas/Aase Sales Collection, Miles Collier Collection, Naples Florida, Brumos Collection, Jacksonville Florida, Chris MacAllister’s 917K, Penske Restoration Services, Porsche AG Museum and Porsche Cars North America were assembled. Wayne Carini, “Chasing Classic Cars” fame, was the head judge for the class. Thinking we didn’t have a chance at all in this class, David and I watched as the red ribbon was mistakenly placed on another car, and then the judges placed it correctly on the Brumos Porsche 934.5. Another Lions Award for the car!!! Two out of two attempts. Not a class win, but certainly satisfying based on the competition. Hoping for a class win, but that was reserved for the Collier Collection 1971 908/3 Tara Florio winner museum car driven by Brian Redman.


A special thank you goes out to Dano Davis, Don Leatherwood and the Brumos Collection who showed great camaraderie in helping us place the sister Brumos car on the field. We will be back to Plymouth, Michigan again, for sure!


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