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Welcome to the Porsche Club of America - Orange Coast Region


The Porsche Club of America–Orange Coast Region (PCA-OCR) has over 2,200 members.  A variety of events are held every month including an assortment of:  Autocrosses, DE/Time Trials, Social Events, Rallies, Tours, Tech Sessions, and Concours.  Regardless of the type of Porsche you drive or your specific automotive interest, you will derive a great deal of enjoyment from your PCA-OCR membership.

Founded in 1961, PCA-OCR has enhanced the Porsche owning and driving experience through:


  • Enjoying the camaraderie forged by owning a Porsche.
  • Promoting safety on the roads through Autocross and DE training.
  • Supporting the highest standards of Porsche operation and performance.
  • Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with Porsche sources.
  • Exchanging ideas with other PCA-OCR members.


PCA-OCR Member Benefits

PCA-OCR members of PCA receive our own monthly magazine, the Pando, containing articles focused on Orange Coast area activities involving local members. Information includes: a Calendar with descriptions of events, a Forum to share and seek advice from other members; listings of Sponsors and Advertisers offering club member discounts; and Porsche items of general interest.


To join, go to the PCA National website: https://www.pca.org/user/join/membership


PCA National Member Benefits

When you join the Porsche Club of America, you become a member of the largest independent, single marque car club in the world. For starters, you will receive a free subscription to Porsche Panorama, the PCA award-winning monthly magazine. You will also have access to these additional benefits:


  • Free classified ads and access to an exclusive members-only marketplace, The Mart
  • Exclusive access to Tech Q&A where PCA experts are available to answer questions
  • National events including concours, autocross, driver's education, rally, and tours
  • Access to PCA Club Racing, the nationwide racing program for all Porsche models
  • National activities including Porsche Parade, the PCA's annual national convention gathering
  • Access to club-sponsored gatherings including select ALMS and Grand-Am races
  • Valuation Program to help establish the value of your Porsche for insurance purposes
  • Group tours to Germany with unique PCA member access to the Porsche factory
  • Exclusive access to PCA annual members-only raffles
  • Free PCA logo window decals
  • PCA Visa Rewards credit card - show your PCA pride!
  • Access to specialized insurance from Leland-West Insurance for limited-use Porsches
  • Discounted Driver Education insurance program specifically tailored for PCA members
  • Full access to the PCA.org web site
  • Access to PCA's exclusive members-only social networking community

Contact Information:


PCA-OCR                                                                PCA National

P.O. Box 6726                                                         P.O. Box 6400
Huntington Beach, CA 92867-6726                   Columbia, MD 21045

opinionspcaocr@gmail.com                              admin@pca.org

                                                                                 (410) 381-0911



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