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Board Members

Note: Zone 8 Staff Listed Below

2014 PCA-OCR Board of Directors
Elected Executive Board Name Email Address
President Greg Lush octours@live.com
Vice President C.L. Jarusek ccwguy@aol.com
Treasurer David Piper david@pipercpa.com
Membership Director Sandy Schwartz mr997s@gmail.com
Secretary Monica Asbury sheamonica@gmail.com
Member at Large Ken Fredrickson fast.freddy@verizon.net
Member at Large Gary Labb pcaocrgary@yahoo.com
Past President Nicole Forrest Boggs 993nicole@gmail.com
PCA-OCR Board Contact Address   opinionspcaocr@gmail.com
Board Appointments
Advertising Co-Director Nicole Forrest Boggs 993nicole@gmail.com
Advertising Co-Director Cooper Boggs cooper.boggs@gmail.com
Charity Coordinator Peggy Huddleston hud5family@yahoo.com
Concours Chair Norm Follis njfollis@gmail.com
Driving Events    
     Autocross Co-Chair Craig Adams ocrautox@live.com
     Autocross Co-Chair Don Chapman ocrautox@live.com
     Autocross Registration Armand Gastello ocrautoxreg@live.com
     DE/TT Director Steve Eguina seguina@cox.net
     DE/TT Director Bob Scheussler bscheussler@gmail.com
Goodie Store Manager Monica Asbury sheamonica@gmail.com
Historian Judy Lech judylech@att.net
Ladies Committee Liaison Maryann Marks mamsy1@yahoo.com
     Editor Garey Cooper gareycooper@mac.com
     Classified Ads Editor Bob Weber hbobw930@aol.com
     Production Editor Maryann Marks mamsy1@yahoo.com
Panorama Liaison Vacant  
Rally Director Larry Moore lbm993@cox.net
RennList Master Pete Lech peterlech@att.net
Social Media Chair Gary Labb pcaocrgary@yahoo.com
Sponsorship Director Bob Scheussler bscheussler@gmail.com
Tech Activities Director Cooper Boggs cooper.boggs@gmail.com
Webmaster Bob Scheussler bscheussler@gmail.com
     Events Webmaster Gary Labb pcaocrgary@yahoo.com

Mailing Address:

1500 E. Katella Avenue Suite # 7
Orange, CA 92867

Zone 8 Staff    
Staff Member Name Email address
Zone 8 Representative Tom Brown zonerep@zone8.org
Zone 8 Secretary Skip Carter skipcarter@pobox.com
Zone 8 Treasurer Linda Cobarrubias ms993@aol.com
Zone 8 Autocross Chair David Witteried dwitteried@hotmail.com
Zone 8 Chief Driving Instructor Scott Mann scott@renegadehybrids.com
Zone 8 Club Race Coordinator Vince Knauf vvvince@aol.com
Zone 8 Concours Chair Joe Nedza jcnedza@aol.com
Zone 8 Rally Co-Chair Revere Jones rally@zone8.org
Zone 8 Rally Co-Chair Tom Gould rally@zone8.org
Zone 8 Drivers Ed / Time Trial Chair Dave Hockett davndirc@yahoo.com
Zone 8 Rules Coordinator Russell Shon rules@zone8.org
Zone 8 Webmaster Ken Short webmaster@zone8.org


Upcoming Events
Breakfast Club & Board Meeting
Come and park around 8 - Sit down and eat about 8:30... PCA-OCR Board Meeting immediately follows Breakfast Club......read more
PCA-SDR / Zone 8 Concours
PCA-SDR / Zone 8 Concours Saturday, August 2, 2014 Spanish Landing     As RennListed by Pete Lech on 07/21/14 9:19 pm ......read more
2nd Saturday of the Month Gathering
  Well, it's that time again to have yet another excuse to waste time and hang out with your fellow car friends. This coming Saturday mornin......read more
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