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Board Members

Note: PCA Zone 8 Staff Listed Below PCA-OCR Board / Appointees

2019 PCA-OCR Board of Directors  (photos)
Elected Executive Board Name Email Address
President Barry Michaels barry.michaels@live.com
Vice President Crag Simonin cragpcaocr@cox.net
Treasurer Jim Miller jimmillercpa@milleraccountancycorp.com
Secretary Monica Asbury sheamonica@gmail.com
Past President Greg Lush greglush@outlook.com
Appointed Board Members    
Membership Chair
Sherri Graybehl sherri_graybehl@att.net
Performance Driving Chair Ted Hoiberg 911ted@gmail.com
Social Media Chair Gary Labb pcaocrgary@yahoo.com
PCA-OCR Board Contact Address  P.O. Box 6726 opinionspcaocr@gmail.com
   Huntington Beach, CA 92615-6726  
2019 PCA-OCR Board Appointments
Position Name Email Address
Advertising Director Monica Asbury sheamonica@gmail.com
Art Director Denny Asbury dennis@asburydesign.com
Charity Coordinator Pete Lech peterlech@att.net
Concours Chair Norm Follis uberpcar@gmail.com
Driving Events    
     Performance Driving Chair Ted Hoiberg 911ted@gmail.com
                Autocross Chair Currently Vacant  
                Autocross Registrar Currently Vacant  
                DE/TT Chair Currently Vacant  
Email List Coordinator Pete Lech peterlech@att.net
Goodie Store Manager Monica Asbury sheamonica@gmail.com
Historian Judy Lech judylech@att.net
Ladies Committee Liaison Maryann Marks mamsy1@yahoo.com
     Editor Marcia Salans msalans@socal.rr.com
     Production Editor Jan Knight janknight@sbcglobal.net
     Classified Ads Editor Bob Weber hbobw930@aol.com
Panorama Liaison Currently Vacant  
Rally Director Larry Moore bchnut60@gmail.com
Social Media Chair Gary Labb pcaocrgary@yahoo.com
Sponsorship Liaison Barry Michaels barry.michaels@live.com
Tech Activities Director James Buck james@capeautorepair.com
Webmaster Gary Labb pcaocrgary@yahoo.com
PCA Zone 8 Staff    
Staff Member Name Email address
Zone 8 Representative David Witteried zonerep@zone8.org
Zone 8 Secretary Lori DeCristo secretary@zone8.org
Zone 8 Treasurer Linda Cobarrubias treasurer@zone8.org
Zone 8 Autocross Chair Bill Thorp ax@zone8.org
Zone 8 CA Festival of Speed Chair Tom Brown chair@calfestival.org
Zone 8 CA Festival of Speed Chair Suesan Carter chair@calfestival.org
Zone 8 Chief Driving Instructor Scott Mann cdi@zone8.org
Zone 8 Concours Club Race Advisor Skip Carter  
Zone 8 Concours Chair Dick Douglass concours@zone8.org
Zone 8 Rules Coordinator Tom Brown rules@zone8.org
Zone 8 Rules Technical Advisor Russell Shon  
Zone 8 Social Media Chair Sam Avedon social.media@zone8.org
Zone 8 Time Trial / Drivers Ed Chair Dan Chambers de.tt@zone8.org
Zone 8 Webmaster Karen Garcia Raines webmaster@zone8.org


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Lazy AutoKennel Gathering
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PCA-OCR Toys for Tots Drive
  As sent out by Monica on 10/25/19 8:30 am   Greetings OCR,   As the tradition continues, we will once again have a PCA-OCR To......read more
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